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New donations masks now available to make me look even more like a muppet than I already am lol, link is here enjoy – streamlabs.com/Kingflipper/masks
The more you donate the more masks you unlock so the madder ill look ahaha

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Top 10 Highest Donators – Thank You All;
Bigman – £100.00
KillEm – £60.00
LaytonWaine – £53.00
TheBigMan – £50.00
WestCoast – £50.00
ChrisDesmond – £40.00
TheBigMan – £28.00
GamerSteve – £27.50
JJftw – £20.00
DarraghFoster – £20.00

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morning guys welcome to todays rewards, fingers crossed we can see a pogba today or an icon for someone, hope you enjoy the stream